Reading Unit: The Phantom Tollbooth Final Projects and Activities

Our study of  The Phantom Tollbooth has finally come to an end, so I wanted to post a recap of all of the final activities that we did.

As a special treat, we watch the movie, an animation story, which was created in 1970. Chris and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, but I fear that it might be a little too slow-paced for the modern child who has been exposed to action-packed shows and video games.

The film sticks to the story pretty well, although the order is slightly changed. The introduction, when Milo first notices the package in his room, is also different.

Next, we moved on to final projects involving the novel. I had so many ideas, that I didn’t know which ones to chose from!

Possible projects:

1. Write a book report: this project is crucial to any book that children read, and should always be assigned, in my opinion. It allows children to practice their writing skills and learn about the elements necessary to writing a successful story. Book report criteria can be adapter to suit the age of students. This website is a great reference for elementary school students about writing book reports. Older children can find more suitable information here.

2. Create a diorama of your favorite scene in the book: We chose to do this one, and created a scene of the mountains of ignorance. We had a great time figuring out the materials we would use to create watch feature, including the characters. This activity also doubled as an art project.

3. Create a book cover for the book: We made it actual-size, so Chris can use it to protect his book. He got a kick to of the fact that the book is now covered in something he designed entirely. I will post more details explanations about this project later.

4. Draw a poster-sized map of the trip that Milo took in the book: Although we did not get a chance to tackle this activity, it is a great way to summarize Milo’s trip.

5. Make a brochure of the land that Milo visited. Make sure to include pictures and a list of attractions. This project is great to get children to let their imagination run wild. They can start with the base that Norton Juster created, and use their imagination to plan a vacation that one could take in the Kingdom of Wisdom.

Can you think of any other projects to do for The Phantom Tollbooth, or for books in general?

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